(WTAJ) — According to the American Meteor Society, an unusual increase in meteor activity, also known as a meteor outburst is possible early Sunday morning.

The Earth will be passing through the debris of the 600-meter-wide Apollo Asteroid 2006GY2 which had gone through our part of space in 2011.

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Calculations point to a peak in activity around 6:20 am Sunday morning. The radiance of the meteors will be coming from the constellation Hercules.

While not all of these predicted outbursts result in major shows, it is of note since it is just about a day before a total lunar eclipse. Unfortunately, the full moon may wash out the visibility of the meteors so the best opportunity will be as the moon sets just before twilight.

There still may be an increase in activity during the eclipse later that next night.

The weather may also be a factor in being able to view these events. You can also catch your latest forecast here.