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We are halfway through the month and February so far has been mild. How does it stack up compared to other February’s? It depends on where you live.

Altoona record keeping dates back to 1949. The average temperature in Altoona for the month of February is 29.2°F. So far in 2020, our average temperature is 37.7°F, this will change by the end of the month. Here is the list of mildest February’s:

  1. 2017: 39.4°F
  2. 1976: 37.4°F
  3. 2018: 37.0°F
  4. 1998: 36.2°F
  5. 1954 & 1990: 35.9°F

State College the record keeping dates back the whole way to 1893. So far in 2020, it would rank as the 9th mildest February on record with an average temperature of 34.5°F. Again, this will change by the end of the month. Here is the list of warmest February’s in State College:

  1. 2017: 37.1°F
  2. 1954: 35.9°F
  3. 1925: 35°F
  4. 2012 & 1949: 34.8°F
  5. 2002: 34.7°F

Johnstown’s records have been kept since 2001. So far, February 2020 is ranked at the 3rd mildest with an average temperature of 34.6°F. Here is a look at the mildest February’s in Johnstown:

  1. 2017: 37.4°F
  2. 2018: 36.5°F
  3. 2012: 31.7°F
  4. 2019: 31.2°F
  5. 2002: 29.9°F

DuBois has come in at an average temperature of 31.3°F so far in 2020 which would put it at the 5th mildest on record if we ended the month today. Record keeping dates back to 1963 in DuBois and here is a look at the warmest February’s:

  1. 2017: 35.8°F
  2. 2018: 34.3°F
  3. 1984 & 1976: 33.2°F
  4. 1990: 32.8°F
  5. 2012: 31.2°F

At this point, we have a some mild weather ahead of this week and truly no lasting cold spells. We will have to see how it plays out for the rest of the month and where 2020 will end up ranking in these cities.

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