Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon & Moon Halo

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Last night into early this morning the November full moon occurred. The full moon officially happened at 4:30 AM, but a lot of you were able to capture its beauty before the clouds and rain moved in. The November full moon is known as the Beaver or Frost Moon.

Sadly, the clouds moving in overnight blocked us here in Central PA from seeing the penumbral lunar eclipse. It started at 2:32 AM. This was not a total lunar eclipse, but what happens is the moon moves through Earth’s outer shadow. This will make the moon look slightly darker. Since it is not a total eclipse, it is harder to see.

A lot of your photos showed a halo around the moon last night, this is created when moonlight is reflecting off ice crystals in the sky. These crystals will then form a halo around the sun. Most of the ice crystals are found in cirrus clouds or cirrostratus clouds. It ususally forms a white circle or even sometimes you will see rainbow colors in the halo. Thanks for sharing these photos!

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