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Completed wind turbines stand on a hilltop at the Reading Wind Facility in Reading, Kan., on Monday, April 27, 2020. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

A lot of viewers sent in questions on if our spring was windier than average. After doing some research, what was found was shocking. It really wasn’t that windier this spring compared to average. The only exception was May when we had an average sustained wind speed of 8.2 mph. On average we typically see an average sustained wind speed of 7.5 mph in the month of May.

Why does it seem so much more windy in the spring compared to the rest of the year? It has to do with the weather pattern switching from a cold one to a warm one. Late winter into early spring on average is the windiest time of the year. The jet stream sinks south in the winter, but in the spring it starts to move north again. The jet stream brings in storms leading to stronger winds.

Also in the spring, we have stronger sunshine thanks to the angle of the sun. This heats the earth, and the warm air rises creating stronger pockets of wind. All of these factor into why spring can be such a windy time.

To break it down by month, the average sustained winds in January is 9.4 mph, this January we had a sustained wind of 7.5 mph. February’s average sustained winds comes in at 9.3 mph, this year we had 8.2 mph winds in February. March our average wind speed was 7.8 mph on average March has a wind speed of 9.6 mph. April’s average sustained wind speed is 9.3 mph, this April our sustained wind speed was 9.1 mph. May’s average sustained wind speed is 7.5 mph and this May our average sustained wind speed came in at 8.2 mph. Record keeping has been going on since 1950.

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