Surviving Winter: Ground Blizzards/Whiteout Conditions

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We get our fair share of winter storms here in Central PA but most would agree…driving through whiteout conditions can be extremly scary and dangerous.

This phenomenon happens quite frequently and suddenly, sometimes even on a sunny day. The farmlands and open fields around the region allow for strong winds to pick up snow…the stronger the winds…. The more snow it can pick up causing whiteout conditions.

Blowing snow can quickly re-cover treated and plowed roads causing the road conditions to turn dangerous.

David Kammerer, the Assistant District Executive for Maintenance for Penndot’s District 9 had this to say about blowing snow…..

“the road can be completely taken back over by the wind blowing area, minutes, 15 minutes.. Its like we were never there”

The roads that have trees on both sides, are shielded from the blowing snow. The trees weaken the winds, not allowing them to pick up snow. Which keeps the road conditions safer.

Most of us travel on roads that go back and forth between trees and fields.

These roads can catch you off gaurd. One minute everything is fine then next you can see a foot in front of you and have several itches of snow on the ground.

As we head into the winter months…watch your speed, even when the roads conditions are fine. Because whiteout conditions can be right around the bend.

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