Frosty Wednesday Start But A Beautiful Afternoon

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If you enjoyed Tuesday’s sunshine and pleasant afternoon you are in luck! High pressure remains in control for Wednesday and that will deliver Central Pennsylvania another pleasant day.

High pressure moved in Tuesday and that helped clear out the clouds early Tuesday morning. The rest of the day was mainly clear with a few passing clouds. Tuesday’s high temperatures were in the upper 30s to the lower 40s. It was the kind of day where if you were in the sun it felt warm but if you were in the shade it felt chilly.

Tonight the sky will remain clear and the winds will be calm. The temperatures tonight will be in the teens to the lower 20s. With a clear sky, calm winds and the air temperatures getting close to our dew point temperatures tonight there will be frost on our vehicles by Wednesday morning. You may want to give yourself a few extra minutes to warm your car up and to scrape the frost of your windshields.

Wednesday will start out cold but with plenty of sunshine throughout the day the afternoon temperatures will be in the mid to upper 40s. The winds will be calm and sunglasses will be needed. Enjoy the sunshine and the warmer air while it last.

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