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As we head into grow season we will have to keep our eye out for frost. A freeze warning is issued for Huntington county tonight. The temperatures will fall to the freezing mark or slightly below it. A Freeze Warning is only issued during the growing season because the frost may damage or destroy plants and crops. Once the growing season is over the National Weather Service will no longer issue a freeze warning. While this mainly affects farmers and those growing crops, we can still look out for our gardens and potted plants.

The last frost for Central PA is normally around the end of May and early June. When it comes to potted plants you can bring them inside if the temperature will be close to freezing at night. For those plants that can not be brought inside or are planted in the garden you can use a large blanket or towel to cover them. The blanket or towel will help trap the heat from the ground and keep the plants a few degrees warmer. This could just be enough to help keep the frost from damaging or killing your plants.

Weather to keep an eye out for. Watch out for a clear sky and calm winds at night. The clearer the sky and the calmer the winds the quicker and farther the temperature will fall. A clear sky and calm winds are ideal conditions for frost to form if the temperature reaches 32 degrees or below. If the air temp is at or below 32 degrees but the winds are greater than 5 mph front will have a very hard time forming.

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