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Plymouth, Indiana is in an abnormal dry period according to the National Integrated Drought Information System. But even after a few hot and dry weeks farmers say they are feeling comfortable. According to Agronomist Marc Eads, when you get into the 90s that’s when things become a little harder for the corn and soybean plant.

Farmer Kyle Stackhouse, who is currently growing corn and soy beans, said he is now back in a pretty good place thanks to last week’s rain. His biggest issue is that dry soil mitigates spraying weed killer or fertilizer. Stackhouse said, “when it’s this hot the plant closes up and it’s hard to get the plant food in the right nutrients it needs. That’s why some of his beans still have a brown tinge to the leaves from the weed killer. “

This time last year farmers were dealing with flooding from too much rain. Throughout Marc Eads 30 years of agricultural experience, he said he’s never seen two years the same. However, he feels optimistic about this year’s start.

According to Eads, most of our corn and soybeans have been rooted down and take a little bit of a drought. But his real concern is just how much the crops are worth as prices worldwide drop significantly. “Even though the market may be saying hey corn is 320-330, they throw some money towards it we could be back towards that four dollar market.”

Eads said for individual farmers, the best way to get around the commodity drop is to grow more crops. Stackhouse said most farmers will try that. However he shares that, “It’s a two edge sword at that point because you grow more you’re just making a bigger supply and pushing the prices lower. So we really we just need things to balance out and get back to a, to quote on quote normal as if there is such a thing in farming.”

Another extended period of heat and lack of rain could cause delays. Knowing rain is not in the forecast for another week, Stackhouse said they will keep watching the sky.

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