The Smell of Rain

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Do you enjoy the smell of rain? If yes, do you know what you’re actually smelling.

The smell of rain is called Petrichor. Petrichor, is the earthy smell that occurs when the rain begins to fall.

What are we actually smelling? Some plants release oils during prolonged dry weather spell. The oils then seep onto other plants, soil, and rocks. When it rains these oils are released into the air. It is the combination of the plant oil along with some bacteria that live on the ground that produce the fresh earthy smell.

Have you ever smelled the rain before it has actually arrived? Heavy rain is known to cause strong winds. This wind is called a “gust front” and can be quite strong. The winds can carry the smell of rain a few miles ahead of the actual rain shaft. So, if you smell an earthy scent rain could be on the way.

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