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I’m sure you have noticed, the past couple of days it has been quite cloudy in Central PA. These clouds have a big impact on our temperatures.

On Monday, the low temperature in Altoona was 33°F and our high temperature was 36°F. That was only a 3 degree temperature change for the entire day! State College also had a low of 33°F with a high of 36°F. Johnstown only had a temperature change of a degree! The low temperature was 28°F and the high only reached 29°F in Johnstown. DuBois the high was 32°F and the low was 30°F which was only a 2 degree change. The clouds are helping moderate our temperatures.

Clouds can keep us mild at night, while keeping us cooler during the day.

On a cloudy day, the clouds will block out some sunlight and heat from the sun. This will keep us cooler on Earth compared to a sunny day. Even with the clouds, some sun still makes it to Earth.

At night, if it stays cloudy, those clouds can trap the heat from the sun and not allow it to escape back into the atmosphere. It then will radiate some of the heat back to the ground making it not as cold.

We have had a layer of clouds during the day and at night which has kept our temperatures within a small range and this is why we have been seeing not that big of a change in temperatures each day and night.

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