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Clean-up efforts in Siberia continued on Sunday after an estimated 20,000 tons of diesel fuel were spilled from a power plant storage facility, fouling waterways.

On Sunday, emergency service workers had collected 850 cubic meters of contained water and 11 thousand tons of soil soaked with diesel fuel, the same amount that was collected during last week.

The spill took place last Friday at a power plant in an outlying section of the city of Norilsk, 1,800 miles northeast of Moscow.

To clean up the upper layer of the spill, specialists are using sorbent (absorbant material) made of coal to soak up the diesel, while booms were laid in the Ambarnaya River to block the spread of the fuel.

Clean up operations are critical in the river which feeds a lake linked to another river that leads to the environmentally delicate Arctic Ocean.

The plant is operated by a division of Norilsk Nickel, whose factories in the area have made Norilsk one of the most heavily polluted places on Earth.

Russia’s top criminal investigation body, the Investigative Committee, has launched an inquiry into the circumstances of the spill, and an employee of the plant has been detained.

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February 07 2021 06:30 pm

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