Since record keeping started in 1950, Central PA has reported 123 tornadoes.

Tornadoes by County

Cambria County has had the most tornadoes with 19. The latest one happening in 2019. Jefferson County has had 15 tornadoes. The latest one was in 2018. Somerset County has reported 12 tornadoes since 1950. The latest tornado occurred in 2018. Centre county has had 13 tornadoes. Centre county’s latest tornado was in 2017. Elk and Bedford Counties have had 12 tornadoes each. The last tornado in each of these counties happened in 2018. Huntingdon County has had 10 tornadoes since 1950. The latest happened in 2019. Clearfield County has had 8 since record-keeping began. The last one was in 2009. Blair County has only had 3 reported tornadoes since 1950. The last one was in 1998. Cameron County has had 2. The last tornado in Cameron County was also in 1998.