Bad weather grounds eagle set to fly filming Alpine glaciers

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PARIS — Eagles may be majestic, but they aren’t impervious to bad weather.

A white-tailed eagle named Victor won’t be filming over the Alps this week after forecasts forced a foundation that hoped to raise awareness about climate change to cancel the bird’s five flights this week.

Victor was set to capture receding glaciers with a camera between his wings. Eagle Wings Foundation spokeswoman Aurélie Grao said on Thursday that poor conditions including 44 mph winds in the next two weeks meant grounding him.

Instead, the foundation hopes to have the eagle provide an abbreviated look at melting glaciers with a single flight in Chamonix, France.

Experts have warned in recent days that one fast-moving Mont Blanc glacier is at risk of collapsing.

Organisers hope his spectacular eagle’s-view footage will help jolt the world out of climate-change apathy and toward swifter action to combat its effects.

His handler hopes that seeing the world as an eagle sees it will also convince viewers of the importance of protecting birds and their environments, especially after a devastating recent report chronicled their decline.

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