What’s an Alberta Clipper?

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(WTAJ) — I am sure many of us have heard the term “Alberta Clipper” but what exactly is it?

An Alberta clipper is a relatively weak but fast-moving low-pressure system that originates over the providence of Alberta. An Alberta clipper often affects the northernmost states and northeast states of the United States during the months of December and January.

The low-pressure system forms just east of the Canadian Rockies. Once a cold front forms the low-pressure system will then proceed to move southeast and move over the Dakotas. The Alberta clipper will then proceed to move east over the Great Lakes and then the northeastern states.

Alberta Clippers do produce snow and can cause some headaches but generally, they do not produce heavy snowfalls. The reason why they don’t produce an abundant amount of snow is because they form over dry land. There is not an abutment amount of moisture for the low-pressure system to pick up to produce high snow amounts. Also, the fact that they are very fast-moving aids in the low snow amounts.

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