A Glimpse At How This Weekend’s Potential Snow Storm May Turn Out

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The WTAJ Weather Authority team is getting a lot of questions about how much snow could we get this weekend. It is too far away to get any reliable snow total amounts. The models will keep changing quite a bit the next couple of days. There are two tracks this system could take this weekend. Track 1 has the system north of us and that will lead to less snow and a better chance for ice. Track 2 has the system cutting through Pennsylvania and could lead to significant snow and less ice.

Track 1: If the system takes track 1 (It looks like it will as of Tuesday) we will see more of a wintry mix first before it changes to snow. Freezing rain and ice will fall first, and that could make the roads very slick and potentially dangerous. Snow will take over Saturday evening and continue into Sunday. Again, the system is too far away to give any reliable snow amounts for Central Pennsylvania. What the models are hinting at is that the northern counties will get hit harder and will recieve more snow than the southern counties. The snow amount will be drastically different from the northern counties to the southern counties.

Track 2: If the system takes track 2 and cuts through Pennsylvania we could recieve significant snow fall. Central Pennsylvania will receive less of a wintry mix and more snow when the system first arrives. That means we will see steadier and heavier snow fall for a longer amount of time, equating to more snow for Central Pennstylvania than Track 1.

The Weather Authority team will put out the snow total amounts by Friday. Stay up to date with WTAJ this week for the latest on this weekend’s potential snow storm.

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