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The wind direction places a major role in our weather here in Central PA.

Northernly Winds: You may have noticed this week the afternoons have been warm but comfortable. The winds have been coming out of the northwest. We are tapping into a drier air mass over Canada. The winds drag down cooler and drier air to Central PA. The drier the air, the lower the dew point temperatures, and the better it feels outside.

Easterly Wind: When the winds have an easterly component to them the eastern counties are normally cooler than the western counties. The cooler and moist air from the Atlantic ocean if brought to Central PA. Cooler air is denser (heavier) than warm air, it sinks and settles into the valleys, keeping the eastern counties cooler.

West-Southwest: When the winds are coming out of the west or southwest Central PA warms up quickly. We tap into the warmer and more humid air from the western and southern states and it is brought to our backyards. If you see the winds coming from the west or southwest know the day will be warm and more humid.

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