Wacky Friday Weather

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Today’s Weather Setup: Today was a strange day when it came to our temperatures. The southern counties were warm with the high temperatures reaching the upper 60s to the low to mid 70s.

The northern counties saw a completely different story. It was cloudy, cool with passing showers. Their highs only reached the mid 50s.

The reason behind the huge swing in temperatures and the wide variety of weather is because of a stationary front that stalled over our northern counties. The front is allowing cool air from the north to usher into the northern counties. While south of the stationary front the wind came from the southwest where the air is warmer.

Friday’s Weather Setup: Friday’s high temperatures will occur in the early morning hours way before most of us are awake. Normally the high temperatures occur around 3:00 p.m. not 3:00 a.m. The reason why Friday’s highs temperatures will occur in the morning hours is because of a cold front. Prior to the cold front the winds will continue to come form the southwest where the air is quite warm. Because we had such a warm day today the cloud cover tonight will trap the heat we saw today to the surface. Tonights temperatures will be in the upper 50s to the lower 60s but once the front passes by the temperatures will tumble throughout the morning and the afternoon. Friday’s afternoon temperatures will be in the upper 40s to the lower 50s.

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