Tornadoes of Central PA


Since 1950, our ten counties have seen a total of 99 tornadoes. Surprisingly, tornadoes can occur at almost any time of the year. In Bedford county there was an EF-0 on January 18, 1999, but most occur in the month of June here in our region. The only months we have not had a reported tornado were in October, December, and March.  

In our area Cambria county has experienced the most tornadoes over the past 67 years. Cambria county has had 17 tornadoes. During this time span, behind Cambria county with the most tornadoes, is Somerset with 14, and then Jefferson with 12. While Blair county has only seen 3 and Cameron county has seen 2.  

Most of our tornadoes occur in the late afternoon hours, but we have had 16 tornadoes in our past that occurred before noon. 53 out of the 99 tornadoes reported have been EF-1’s. We have only had two EF-3 tornadoes. One happened in September of 1963 and the other on May 31, 1998. Four of the 99 tornadoes have been EF-4’s and many of those happened during the May 31st outbreak in 1985.

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