Tornado Damage


Today the National Weather Service determined that a tornado touched down yesterday. I spoke with local residents today, who suspected right away that something severe was coming.

“We sat on the porch to watch the storm come in, like we usually do… but this was a different storm”, Christopher Brant said.

A different storm indeed as gusts of wind ripped out trees that fell on houses and sheds all along Beam Church Road in the town of Gray… and Christopher Brant’s garage and plow truck were not spared.

“You can see that the trees are down over-top of my garage, over-top of the truck, I had two big trees snap in my yard”, said Brant.

But the warning signs were there… his family which usually loves watching storms heard the wind whipping up more than they ever heard… which prompted quick action for his kid’s safety.

“We heard the whistling of it, so we chased em’ all down to the basement”, Brant said.

And after emerging from his basement, Brant couldn’t believe his eye… 10-foot pine trees completely uprooted. A true shock for a man who used to pull trees for a living.

“We used to pull trees down when I was a kid up at the cemetery, we took a lot of pine trees out… and it takes a lot to take a pine tree like that out”, Brant said.

But overwhelming Brant’s shock of the damage, was the response by local residents and first responders.

Brant summed it up by saying:”After the storm ended, you had everybody out… it was just amazing. The people of Gray are great”.

Brant said the quick response from his neighbors illustrates the caring nature of his community… and they know their storm safety too as nobody was injured.

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