The People Behind the Warning


As we mentioned the threat for severe weather here in Central PA is real. Your Weather Authority prepares you before these events happen, but when it comes to the official watches and warnings that we show on the air and that crawl on the bottom of your screen. They come from the National Weather Service. 

The National Weather Service has had an office in the State College area since 1993. This office of about 25 employees is responsible for issuing warnings for 33 counties in central and eastern Pennsylvania. Many of which are Penn State graduates including one of the forecasters, Matthew Steinbugl. 

Matthew Stienbugl shows us what you can find in other weather service offices, “This is our typical work station. That you would find at any weather service office across the country. ” 

“Our D2D display. It can show model data, radar, satellite data and other parameters that help us forecast the weather.” Says Matthew Stienbugl. 

 They also maintain and control a doppler radar to help them issue warnings. 

“The big thing that doppler radar gives the forecasters is the ability to see air motion, wind speeds inside of storms, even in clear air. Whereas before, the old radars, we saw where the storms were, and had an idea of how strong they were but really didn’t see circulation developing within the storms.” States Pete Jung, who is a Warning Coordination Meteorologist at the National Weather Service. 

Keep in mind that severe weather can happen at all hours and even on holidays. They work to protect lives, and work with meteorologists like us to help you keep safe.  

Matt Stienbugl tells us what the National Weather Service’s mission is, “Protection of lives and property that’s our mission. That’s what we strive to do every day when we come to work. That’s what motivates us as forecasters and warning operators.  

They also stay in constant contact with us during a storm 

“NWS chat is a chat room that allows us to communicate with the media, emergency managers, and other dedicated partners,” says Matthew Stienbugl.  

Matt Stienbugl informs us “We’ve taken reports on NWS chat and integrated that into the warning decision process.” 

Between the National Weather Service and Your Weather Authority, we are always keeping you safe! 

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