Overnight forecast Sunday, August 2, 2020


While the region continued to see a mix of clouds today, there were less showers passing through compared to yesterday. Sunshine also managed to break through the clouds. Temperatures were also warmer with highs reaching into the 80s. Muggy conditions continued to be felt and gusty winds were also thrown into the mix.

Clouds will gradually build in tonight. Northwestern counties and into the Laurel Highlands will see a partly to mostly cloudy sky. While the rest of the region will see a mostly clear to partly cloudy sky. Any lingering showers will taper off therefore, it will be mainly dry overnight. It won’t feel as uncomfortable as last night with lows expected to be around the mid 60s with a touch of humidity.

The first half of the week will remain somewhat active. A mostly cloudy sky will kick off Monday and cloud cover will thicken as the day progresses.Temperatures will be seasonal with highs in the low 80s but the region will still feel those muggy conditions. Showers will begin to trickle in during the second half of the day and scattered showers and thunderstorms will move through overnight.

It will stay cloudy for the start of Tuesday and scattered showers and thunderstorms will continue to pass through. Once again temperatures will be seasonal with highs in the low 80s and lows in the low 60s. Rain will begin to taper during the evening and a little clearing will be seen overnight.

Wednesday will be the turning point into some nicer conditions. A mix of clouds and sun will be seen; however, a stray thundershower cannot be completely ruled out. Highs will once again reach into the low 80s and it will be a refreshing night with lows around the mid 50s. 

The end of the week will come to a close with beautiful weather. Thursday and Friday will see plenty of sunshine. Highs will reach into the low to mid 80s and low will be in the upper 50s. We’ll keep an eye on Friday for the slight chance that a thunderstorm pops up in some spots.

Clouds and sun will be seen over the weekend with slightly warmer temperatures. Highs will reach into the low to mid 80s for Saturday and Sunday.

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