Lightning Myths

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Lightning should not be feared if it’s understood properly, but that hasn’t stopped some people from creating myths. 

1.    Lightning never strikes the same place twice. This is a myth. In fact,  

Joe Murgo says, “Something like out tower on top of Wopsy Mountain which is very high in the sky will get struck by lightning many times a year.” 

There have been lightning studies on the top of tall buildings due to this fact they get struck many times. 

2.    If it is not raining or there is blue sky overhead, you are still safe. This is a dangerous myth. Lightning can strike a good ten miles away from a storm. Many people struck are not sitting in the pouring rain.  

3.    It’s okay to keep playing a sports game through thunder until lightning is seen. This is another dangerous myth. Lightning can be concealed by buildings, trees, hills and rain. If you hear thunder the odds of being struck are as good as, if not greater than if you saw lightning close by.  

4.    Wearing metal jewelry or holding a cell phone increases your threat of being struck by lightning. That’s a myth. These objects don’t increase your risk, the only reason why we hear this is people are out in a dangerous situation.  

5.    Rubber tires protect you from lightning in a car. That’s a myth. Cars do get struck by lightning, we’ve even covered stories on WTAJ. The lightning will travel on the shell of the car which leaves you safe inside.  

6.    A lightning victim is electrified so do not touch them. Also, a myth. In fact, performing cpr on a lightning victim greatly increases their chance of living.  

7.    If your hair tingles while outside in a storm. Drop down and lay flat on the ground to make yourself lesser of a target. We’ll call this one a half myth. If you do get electrified, you do need to crouch down to minimize your contact with the ground. 

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