How can there still be problems if there is just drizzle?


Precipitation has dropped off to just drizzle so why were advisories extended? Well there is still a risk and often this is the type of situation that can catch people off guard.

Temperatures right now are still near to below freezing. So even though the precipitation is light, it still can cause extra icing on treated surfaces. This is not a problem on major roads as PennDot has been doing a good job; however, side roads, sidewalks, and decks still may be icy. This is even though it seems wet as icy surfaces and wet surfaces often seem the same.

While there is still a winter storm warning for Somerset County that has been extended until 1pm, this area is going to get no more, in fact, most spots less, than the areas that are in the advisory. The warning is just a carryover from last night. The cold air will hang on the longest to the north and east. This is why Clearfield, Centre and Cameron counties to the north and east have been extended to 3pm.

As we head into the afternoon, temperatures will rise above freezing from the west and south to the north and east. After that, there will be just light rain and drizzle.

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