Grading last year’s wintercast


Last winter was cold for the northwestern half of the nation with warmth prevailing in the southeast. Precipitation was above average for much of the nation with the highest amounts just northwest of that southeastern warmth. An area we are going to focus on again in this year’s.  

Let’s go through a checklist of the highlights i stressed for our area last winter. I expected winter to show it’s face before thanksgiving and it to stay cold into the beginning of December. That’s a thumbs up as we had our largest snowfall before the holiday and it was cold until December 12th.  

I said the winter would be harsher than the past couple of winters. I’ll still give this a thumbs up as we had more snow, but it was a very close call for temperatures.

I expected January to start mild and finish quite cold. We opened up with our warmest new years on record and closed the month with 2 subzero nights. A stellar victory.

I called for above average snowfall. Another big checkmark as we fell into the ranges i gave,

Last year i added a new segment called bold predictions. Those two predictions were that we would have at least two storms of 8” with February being our harshest month of winter. I’ll give an almost full thumbs up for both. We did get one storm that reached double digits with some places falling just shy for the second storm. And while February brought the most snow, i was off by a couple of days as our coldest blast came the last couple days of January.

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