Friday Morning Weather Forecast, Jan 25th, 2019


This morning will be cloudy and cold. There will be a few passing snow showers and flurries throughout the day. Some roads could be snow covered and slick so use caution. Today will still be windy so some blowing snow could be an issue as well. Today’s high temperatures already ahppend early this morning. The highs were in the mid to upper 20s. The temperatuers will fall throughout the day. By this afternoon most of us will be in the teens to the lower 20s.  Expect a cloudy sky with snow showers and flurries for this evening. Tonight will be cloudy with flurries. Tkonights lows will be in the single digits to the teens.

Saturday will be mostly cloudy with mountain snow showers and flurries. Some roads could be slick at time throughout the day. It will still be a bit breezy and that will make the day feel colder. Saturday’s high temperatures will be in the low to mid 20s. 

Sunday will be cloudy with a few peaks of sunshine. A weak disturbance will move through the region and that will bring scattered snow showesr throughout the afternoon and evening. Sunday’s highs will be in the lowe to mid 30s.

Monday the cloud cover will thicken ahead of our next front. There will be flurries throughout the day. Monday’s high temperatures will be in the mid to upper 30s. Monday will be a warmer day compared to the past couple of days because of the winds coming out of the south and southwest. Scattered snow showers will move through the region in the evening and continue into Tuesday.

Tuesday the front will pass through the state and that will birng steady snow at times to Central Pennsylvania. The winds will pick up in the evening once the front passes by. Tuesday’s high temperatuers will hit in the early morning hours and they will be in the low to mid 30s. The temperatures will fall quickly behind the front. The afternoon will be cold and windy.

Artic air will move into the region and bring very cold air to the region. Most cities will fall below zero during the overnigt hours Wednesday and Thursday.

Wednesday will be very windy and very cold. The highs will be in the teens to the single digits. Some snow showers will fall throughout the day.

Thursday will be windy and very cold. Thursday’s highs will be close to zero degrees. There will be some flurries and a passing snow shower.

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