Flood Safety


As we move into the summer months flooding is a major concern and do you know it only takes 6 inches of moving water to knock you off your feet and one foot  to wash your car away.  

Paul Markowski, a Meteorology Professor at Penn State says, “Water is 1000 times denser than air. So, it doesn’t take that much water to actually get your car moving once your cars moving and you’re now basically a strapped on to an out-of-control amusement ride and it’s not going to end well” 

Not going to end well is the best way to think about trying to ride out a flood. So, don’t do it. The popular phrase says it all–turn around and don’t drown. But what about situations you might not think about. When you find out from Your Weather Authority that flooding may happen in your neighborhood. The first thing you want to plan for is turning off your electricity and gas because fire and explosions can still happen even with water filling your home.  

Another thought, unknown areas. It might seem like common sense, but you need to stay away from areas that are flooded because once water fills them you won’t know how steady the ground is. Keep in mind that the vast majority of deaths from floods happen because of poor decision making. 

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