Extra Efforts To Keep Barge Traffic Moving On Illinois River During Extreme Cold


The frigid temps have frozen most of the Illinois River in central Illinois.

The Illinois River is going to be condensed into one lane of traffic this week due to the inclement weather hitting central Illinois.

Rake barges are going to be extremely important in the coming days.  That’s because the front ends are slanted at a 45-degree angle and can maneuver through the ice.

“They put the rakes on the front of the tow, that way they can cut through the ice better. Also when they make the lockage, because if the tow is larger than 600 feet they have to break the tow apart and put it back together.  They’ll call it a break coupling, and they’ll put the two rakes together so there’s room for the ice,” marine inspector Alan Guedesse said.     

Tows and barges are still working even in these frigid temps and they’re going to continue to Wednesday and Thursday in the midst of record-breaking low temperatures.

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