Evening forecast Saturday, July 18, 2020


Those summer lovers will once again enjoy hot conditions this weekend but you’ll want to stay safe during this time period. It’s a weekend that you’ll want to plan those classic summertime activities that will help you stay cool.

It was hot and humid today with highs reaching into the low 90s. Plenty of sunshine was seen throughout the day. Therefore, being outside for an extended period of time required many breaks in the shade and continued hydration. Dewpoints in the low 60s only added to how uncomfortable it felt. 

The overnight hours will be mostly clear but warm and muggy. Lows will dip into the 60s so it’ll be a toss up between the a/c and the fan. On the bright side, clear conditions will let you catch the last few glimpses of comet NEOWISE before it disappears.

It will be even hotter Sunday with highs around the mid to upper 90s. Those temperatures are at  least ten degrees above average this time of year. They will also be accompanied by dewpoints around 70 degrees. Therefore, it’ll feel close to 100 degrees. A thunderstorm will also be possible during the afternoon. Sleeping conditions overnight will be especially uncomfortable with temperatures in the low 70s..

The heat will not let up for the new week. The hot and humid pattern will stick around Monday with highs in the low 90s. Dewpoints will be around 70 degrees therefore, that added humidity will continue to push our heat index close to 100 degrees. Scattered thunderstorms will also be possible during the afternoon. 

Conditions continue to be rather active heading into the middle of the week. Tuesday and Wednesday will be variably cloudy with scattered showers and thunderstorms. Highs will continue to break 90 degrees during the day and it will feel tropical with dewpoints around 70 degrees. A  mix of clouds and sun will be seen Thursday and there will still be a chance for showers or thunderstorms. The heatwave also finally comes to an end.

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