Bright fireball lit the sky over western PA and Ohio early this morning


Before sunrise this morning, many people witnessed, some even were able to video, a bright meteor, also known as a fireball. The American Meteor Society received over 300 reports of this bright show that occurred around 6:24 am this morning. Most of the reports were from Ohio but there have been some reports in Pennsylvania and as far away as Ontario, Canada and South Carolina.

Through these reports they were able to calculate that this meteor traveled from the southeast to the northwest over eastern Ohio.

There are several thousand meteors of fireball magnitude each day, most are hidden by daylight and many fall over the oceans or uninhabited regions. The brighter the fireball the more rare it is. This light is caused by the heat of the meteor caused by friction as they arrive into the atmosphere. Even though they may seem like they reach the ground, that rarely happens. Also, the brightness is due to the heat, not size. Many bright meteors are about the size of a piece of Grape Nut cereal.

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