Veterans Voices: Amor “Chubb” Miller, 88

Veterans Voices

At 88 years old, Amor “Chubb” Miller still wears the uniform he bought in the 70s.

He joined the reserves in 1949 before going into the full-time military. His bout with polio left him unable to run and he had to find another option.

Chubb joined Army aviation. Flying and fixing equipment that led him into Vietnam.

After the war, he was asked to join Army One to fly presidents in various helicopters. At first, he declined but later joined, flying Nixon, Johnson, and Ford.

“Johnson was hard to get along with, he wanted his aircraft ‘NOW!'”, Chubb said.

He was with Nixon when Nixon said good-bye one last time from the White House front lawn.

Those great moments never could fill the void left by his fallen soldiers, though. Chubb suffered from survivor’s remorse.

He finds it soothing and helpful to talk about it. Especially with his wife.

“I hope that war is stopped, and peace is everywhere,” Amor Miller hoped

A tortured request from a Veteran who could never really get used to the cost of war.

Keep your eyes open for 88-year-old “Chubb” Miller as he wears his uniform out to military appreciation events.

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