Teams ride lawnmowers cross country in “The Great Grass Race”

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Andrej Sensnovis, a man from Southwest Michigan, took part in the Great Grass Race this summer.

The goal? Drive a lawnmower from Los Angeles to Tampa, without bringing along necessities like money or food.

“We had no gas, no food, no money, no place to stay, nothing,” he said. “We had to rely on the good hearts of Americans to get us across the country from point A to point B. And the people that I met were just absolutely amazing,” said Sensnovis.

Sensnovis said the Great Grass Race was a reality show hosted by Menace Vision, a streaming site. He said the goal of the show was to prove good people live throughout the United States.

“I was just brought to tears a bunch of times, because of the good nature of people,” he said.

Still, the journey wasn’t without issues. Sensnovis said the reality of COVID-19 made some people cautious about helping him and his teammate.

“We were shut down a few times because of strangers that were worried about COVID and stuff, and the police also were worried about it a couple times. State police more than anything else, but we were all healthy,” he said. “I got a big scare in California. A guy donated a set of tools to me, and he happened to be at a clinic. I thought he was waiting to see a family member; turns out he was waiting to get tested for COVID. After that, they got more rigorous on testing and stuff.”

Sensnovis said because of the race, he had stories for a lifetime. For anyone who wanted to take part in a similar event, he had some advice:

“It can be done,” he said. “Just be yourself, I guess. Be honest and open. Somebody’s always looking out for you.”

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