MUST WATCH: Tourists play in sea foam in Argentina

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The beaches of Argentina’s top beach resort, Mar del Plata south of the capital, are covered by vast quantities of sea foam Wednesday.

The novelty has surprised beach going tourists for the last two days, but they’re embracing the novelty and covering themselves with the foamy waves.

The foam, a natural phenomenon produced when seaweed is tossed amid the waves, is not toxic.

Flavio di Mena, a 54-year-old vacationer who visits every year with his family says he has never seen anything like this.

“It has a fishy smell but they say it is good for the skin so we are covering ourselves with this,” Mena said.

Children specially enjoyed the foam running wild among the waves.

“You have to enjoy it as if it were something you will never have again,” said Román, an 11-year-old covered in sea foam.

Despite the pandemic, Mar del Plata and other tourist destinations have been packed with hundreds of thousands of visitors since the summer season started January 1st.

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