An orphaned wombat named Sylvie played with her carer at her home in Canberra, Australia on April 11.

A video shared on social media showed the eight-month-old bare-nosed wombat frolicking in a room with Sharon Woodward, a volunteer with the ACT wildlife, a non-profit charity volunteering care for native wildlife in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

Sylvie’s mother was hit by a car and she was rescued from her mother’s pouch, Woodward told Reuters in an email.

She was taken to a specialised carer with the ACT wildlife and raised with round the clock feeding.

“Wombats are full of life and personality. This video shows just how bouncy and full of energy she is,” Woodward told Reuters in an email.

Sylvie will stay with Woodward for about another 12 months until she can be released back into the wild, the volunteer carer said.

“During her time with me she’ll transition to an outdoor enclosure and will have lots of practice digging a burrow, eating grass and just being a wombat,” Woodward added.