CHECK THIS OUT: Egyptians “Salt Boarding” instead of Snowboarding

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Crystals falling from Egyptian student Samar Hamdy’s hands are not snowflakes but salt, which she is using to playfully enjoy a day out with her peers.

Hamdy and many Egyptians living in the canal city of Port Fouad have been substituting the lack of snow with these salt hills, an activity made popular this winter season.

The hills are run by the government-owned El-Mex Salines Company, which exports the salt abroad for melting ice and therefore the crystals are not at risk of contamination.

Many of its visitors are comparing the site to Moscow and other parts of Europe, where snow falls regularly during the winter seasons.

“It looks like snow. When we post our pictures online, people from outside Port Said think we travelled to a place where it is snowing. It is a very lovely place,” Hamdy said.

It started two months ago when one Egyptian posted a picture online sliding down the hills. It went viral and people are now flocking to the site to enjoy the new experience.

The site is currently open for free for visitors from inside and outside the city in an effort to encourage local tourism.

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