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HOWARD, Pa. (WTAJ) — If you’re busy, and on-the-go meal prepping might be the perfect solution to help your schedule. Tylor Yarrison is the owner of Twin Kiss, an ice cream/food stand in Howard. She started posting pictures of the lunches that she prepared for her fiance and herself. After receiving a positive response from the posts and several questions asking if she offered the meals at the restaurant, she started TJ’s Meal Prep.

Every week she creates a new menu with new options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Tylor has over 40 recipes on rotation. “I don’t do it to strictly be healthy, I do it for convenience — essentially busy, working women,” says Yarrison.

Tylor has a variety of options to choose from. Every week she posts her menu, and customers can go online and place orders from there. There is a main menu which has options like bun-less burgers, buffalo chicken salad, pizza roll ups, honey garlic meatballs, and shrimp, asparagus, and rice. There are also consistent options like the snack packs, yogurt parfaits, pasta salads, lunchboxes and breakfast items like overnight oats.

Tylor says the best piece of advise for meal prepping at home is staying organized. Tylor creates lists to track all of her purchases and meals. She takes advantage of the pick-up options at Sam’s Club and Walmart. “It only takes, like 5 minutes,” says Tylor.

You can learn more about TJ’s Meal Prep by going online, or calling or texting Tylor for more information at (814) 482-0498.

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