JOHNSTOWN, Pa. (WTAJ) — The Sitting Bulls Disabled Sled Hockey team is about to take on local celebrities and educators for one of their biggest fundraisers this Sunday, April 3, 2022.

Studio 814’s Rebecca Petner sits down with Russell White, President of the Sitting Bulls Sled Hockey Team. Sitting Bulls is the only competitive sled hockey team in West Central PA. Sled Hockey is a competitive sport that provides physically challenged individuals a means to play a competitive sport. Sled Hockey follows all of the same rules as USA Hockey. The players sit on a hockey sled and use two specially designed sticks with picks on the ends to propel themselves down the ice.

“If the player has a disability like a cerebral palsy or Spina Bifida or they were injured in like an accident and are paraplegic or something like that [they] are more than welcome to come try out for the team,” says White.

The Sitting Bulls Disabled Sled Hockey VS Local Celebrities and Educators Fundraiser is Sunday April 3rd at the 1st Summit Arena at the Johnstown War Memorial. Doors open at 1:30 PM and the game starts at 2:45 PM. Admission is a $5 donation (kids under 12 are free.) Admission ticket includes a chance to win a door prize — 2 tickets to a Pittsburgh Penguins Hockey game and a $250 cash prize.

The Sitting Bulls serves disabled players from the ages of 5 to 62 and allows them to play for free.

White says “we pay for everything. This fundraiser actually is one of our biggest ones to put donations towards putting these kids on the ice. We are probably the last organization that does not charge their players to play so we would like to keep that going. And with today’s economy, it’s tough but we’re trying our best not to charge the player.”

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Sled hockey is very expensive. Not only do the players need all of the same equipment as typical hockey players, they have the added expense of a special sled and special sticks which average $850.

WTAJ’s Jordan Tracy and Studio 814’s Rebecca Petner will take to the ice for this charity event Sunday.