ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — The Salvation Army Church in Altoona has been serving community members for many years, but some people might not understand the full scale of all of the resources that are available. Pastor Larry Fulmer stopped by to talk about the ways the church can help those in need year-round.

“I think a lot of people don’t realize what the Salvation Army actually does and what we provide,” says Fulmer. Larry says with the new hygiene pantry that was recently launched, the facility is looking for donations to keep the pantry stocked.

“There are some really awesome things that we’re launching this year,” says Fulmer. The Salvation Army is starting a shoe program this fall called ‘Best Foot Forward.’ “We’re looking for sponsors for that program and our hope is to take at least 100 kids locally, shopping for brand new school shoes,” says Fulmer. “Something so small can make a big impact especially when it comes to your self esteem.”

Larry says he wants to the community to know how much the Salvation Army appreciates their continued support, because without them, it wouldn’t be possible. “We do everything from food pantries, and we even launched a hygiene pantry for homeless in our area. We have showers downstairs in our church building that people can utilize if they need to shower,” says Fulmer.

“We’re not just here to give out a food box, but to simply mentor people and meet them where they are and if we can help them, we’re going to help them, and if we cant we want to be able to refer them to the best place,” says Fulmer.

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The Salvation Army Church is located at 1813 6th Ave in Altoona. You can learn more about the Salvation Army Church’s resources by giving them a call at (814) 942-8104 or visiting their website here.