Pick up some sweet treats for the holiday season at Gardners Candies

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TYRONE, Pa. (WTAJ) — Mixing, molding, enrobing just about anything with chocolate and lots of sorting and arranging. Those are a list of just some of the responsibilities that the folks at Gardners Candies do on a daily basis to gear up for the holiday season.

“This product brings a smile to your face it’s good – it’s good chocolate – the centers are good whatever you like inside,” says Gardners president, Joe DeStadio.

Gardners Candies is an iconic brand that’s been around for years. “Gardners candies was founded in 1897 so we’ve been around for well over 120 years and we’re famous for the peanut butter meltaways which was developed by the Gardner family years ago and to this day continues to be our best selling item,” says DeStadio.

With so many different options, you better believe that you’ve got a lot to choose from! “We do a lot of varieties of products, not only the meltaways that can come in any shape, we do creams we do chocolate covered pretzels chocolate covered nuts a lot of variety here,” says DeStadio. “Our ingredients are second to none – our chocolate is really good a high milk quality chocolate – our customers appreciate that.”

Garders has been a household name for years, and continues to be. “We’re now dealing with generations of customers – my parents ate Gardners Candies, I’m eating Gardners Candies and my kids are eating Gardners Candies,” says DeStadio.

Wheather its a classic peanut butter meltaway – or one of their many other treats, there’s something for everyone. And they’ve figured out a way to make chocolate eating an experience. “The Bash Cake is a cupcake size mold, it has a top to it and a bottom, it’s hollow and we can put anything inside that bash cake such as chocolate covered pretzels – our individually wrapped peanut butter meltaways and it’s actually a tabletop pinata comes with a wooden mallet and you can actually bash the cake and break it open – the chocolate is edible and everything inside of it is as well,” says DeStadio.

The facility also makes a variety of products for their sister Company Sarris Candies. Right now, Gardners is whipping up hundreds of the popular hot cocoa bombs that are being sold under the Sarris name.

With 8 retail stores in Central Pennsylvania — everyone has a chance to taste a piece of tradition!

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