New Lambo is so fast it’s not even street legal

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Lamborghini is unveiling its new supercar.

Meet the Essenza SC-V12. It’s a beauty, but get this — it’s so fast and powerful, owners can’t legally drive it on public roads.

Instead, Lamborghini wants owners to keep it in a special garage at the company’s headquarters in Italy. A webcam let’s you gaze upon its loveliness any time.

When you do want to drive it, Lamborghini will ship the sportscar to almost any racetrack in the world. They’ll also provide a professional race car driver to coach owners. Only 40 of these supercars are being produced with most of them already spoken for.

Lamborghini isn’t saying how much it costs, but they say it’s priced like their other supercars which come in around $2 million.

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