MUST WATCH: Amazon delivery driver plays along with teen’s prank

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A trickster teenager in Magnolia, DE thought it would be funny to leave some unusual delivery instructions for an Amazon delivery driver.

Lynn Staffieri ordered something on Amazon had no idea her 13-year-old son Jacob put a note in the extra delivery instructions. After being asked by the company’s template “Do we need additional instructions to find this address?,” the teen wrote:

“No, but knock on the door 3 times and scream “Abra Cadabra” as loud as you can and run super fast away.”

Amazon driver nailed it! It was all caught on the family’s doorbell camera. Staffieri posted the video on Facebook and it’s been shared more than 20,000 times. Staffieri apologized for her son’s silly joke, but had big props for the delivery woman for playing along.

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