ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — Studio 814’s Rebecca Petner sits down with local singer/songwriter Jack Servello about the history of the song “Altoona is my Home.” The original song was filmed by Jim Baum on October 10, 1999 at the Altoona Alliance Church on 17th Street in Altoona, Blair County.

When asked if he knew the song had become popular, Servello says “I guess there’s been quite a few views on YouTube so that’s cool.” The songwriter also elaborates on a lyricist’s chance of a lifetime:

“I was really happy about doing this song. I had a chance to volunteer for the sesquicentennial committee and they were planning this whole year of celebration. Altoona was turning 150 years old — sesquicentennial. Plus there was that golden opportunity of actually using the word “sesquicentennial” in a song. That’s a toughie,” Servello laughs.

Jack Servello takes to the 814 Sound Stage to perform his hit “Altoona Is My Home.” Studio 814’s Rebecca Petner and Morgan Koziar join him for some fun, singing this song that has brought joy to many across the nation. With over 9,000 views on YouTube, the song has garnered comments such as the following:

“Great job Jack. I’ve lived here for 29 years and hope to make it many more! Great job on the story of how you came up with the song in the middle.”

Brian Seymour

“I love living in Altoona. Altoona is the place I call home. I’m a former railroad engineer and loved running trains [through] Altoona and will be here for many more years. Thanks.”

Donald Rodgers

“This song smacks! I could jam to it all day!”

Steven Cogan

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