As an active volunteer, entrepreneur, and political activist in the Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Bradford, Pa. communities Shakira Jackson, Miss Steel City, hopes to inspire others with her activism and platform as she heads to Miss Pennsylvania 2022 in York, Pa. next week.

Studio 814’s Rebecca Petner and Morgan Koziar sit down with Jackson to hear about her early stages of competing in pageants, her goals for the future, and how she’s preparing for the big competition.

“From activism to challenging society’s status quo to make a change,” Shakira who has degrees in both History and Political Science, spreads her knowledge of voter education and helps register Americans before elections. She is a voting rights advocate.

Jackson is an environmentalist, event planner, and opera singer.

Miss Steel City Shakira Unique Jackson performs “Miss Celie’s Blues” from the movie “The Color Purple.”

At just 20-years old, Jackson knows that one day she would like to run for the position of the future President of the United States. Her “ideal mission in life is to leave the world better than how [she] found it.”

If you’d like to vote for Shakira Jackson in Miss Pennsylvania’s “People’s Choice” for $1, click here.