ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — Sponsored Content by Martin Appliance — If your household appliances are in need of an upgrade, you might want to check out Martin Appliance. The store has just about every option you can imagine from the most basic model to luxury.

The Martin Appliance Open House is July 14 -16. On Thursday and Friday the event is from 8am – 7pm, and on Saturday the event is from 9am – 4pm. People that come out can expect giveaways, and deals on select appliances. There will also be a live grill demo with burgers and hot dogs as well as free soft serve ice cream.

When you walk into Martin Appliance, you might feel a little overwhelmed.

“We have anything from a countertop microwave to a build in refrigerator – washers, dryers, ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, electric ovens – pretty much if it’s called an appliance we probably have it,” says Martin Appliance General Manager, Linford Leinbach.

But don’t worry – you’re in good hands. They have a great team that is ready to help you find the right machine or system for your home, and budget.

“When you come in you’re going to see a huge selection of appliances to pick from anything from inexpensive to luxury. We have everything from high tech to basic,” says Sales Associate for Martin Appliance, Ryan swope.

And you can easily stick to the basics by choosing more traditional models…but if you want to upgrade to the newest systems…they have those too.

“You can get anything from Wi-Fi so you can control everything through your phone and get notifications when things are done you can get more efficiency by upgrading a refrigerator or a washing machine that’s more quiet,” says Swope.

No matter what appliance you chose – you’re getting support every step of the way.

“We do everything from the initial sale itself to our own delivery people we deliver and install everything that we sell and we come out and actually fix your issue with the appliance,” says Swope.

“We will help you through the sale, we’ll send out our great delivery guys to actually install the product and then if needed we have a service team to back us up,” says Leinbach.

There’s even live kitchens – where you can actually test out different appliances, and their features.

“You can actually come and you can see all of the appliances work we have gas cooktops, gas ranges, electric wall ovens, induction cooktops all live and working so you can see how they work and make a decision off of what you like better,” says Swope.

They also provide water conditioning – a service that you may have never even thought of.

“Everybody knows they need a refrigerator not everybody knows that they need good quality water.
There’s a lot of different problems in water, some you can tell you can see and you can smell other things you might not even know are there,” says Store Manager, Wendell Martin.

Wendell says things like iron, sulfur, bacteria, or just having hard water – can not only be tough on your appliances, it can also be tough on your body.

“Dissolved stuff that’s in the water that you can’t really taste but it’s stuff that your body has to filter out so we can take care of that before it gets to your body,” says Martin.

And maybe you don’t know where to start…And you don’t have to — their team can easily test your water and go from there.

“We let the water tell us what you need. We tailor a system for your needs – your specific needs we don’t have just a one size fits all we will tailor it to what your needs are and what your concerns,” says Martin.

And Wendell says a water treatment system is an investment that gives back.

“A water treatment system is actually something that will pay for itself in the longevity of your appliances of your clothes of your savings in cleaning products you can actually pencil it out that it will actually save you money in the long run,” says Martin.

The team at Martin Appliance and Water Conditioning is ready to do the job, and do the job right.

“We don’t just put a system in and run, we’re there for support to make sure its working we stop back after we put a system in for someone make sure its actually doing what we say its going to do and then were there to give you continued support for the life of the system,” says Martin.

Martin Appliance is located at 433 Sabbath Rest Road in Altoona. Visit their website by clicking here or give them a call at (814) 515-9516 for more information.