BELLWOOD, Pa. (WTAJ) — There’s a new Airbnb in Blair county that is now ready to welcome guests from near and far…But this isn’t your average place to crash for the night, “pinky properties” was created for people looking for an experience… And they’ve got the quirkiest décor to match.

“Anybody that we’ve showed it to they get a huge smile on their face as soon as they walk in, they’re like, oh I love this, because it’s not something you see everyday,” says Pinky’s Cottage co-owner, April Frisco.

“We want to make your stay special so it’s more than just a place to stay we want you to have fun, take pictures make your videos, make your reels make your Tik Toks it’s all done here,” says Frisco.

This Airbnb is the perfect way to get away with your gal pals.

“That’s the whole vibe is to get away from the kids and the hubby for the night put your feet up turn the fireplace on, get that mojito ready and just laugh,” says Pinky’s cottage co-owner, Jacinda Boone.

April, Jacinda, and their friend Brittany created the concept together…

“I kind of turned to her with my idea me and Brittany want to have a boujee place like a pink, leopard, ridiculous place and she’s like, I love it I’m in,” says Frisco.

And they’ve thought of just about everything when it comes to things you would need for your stay…

“We have an ice machine, a wine fridge, we have outdoor dining, we have our little morning room I call it for coffee in the morning it’s all pink we have pink hair dryers we even have a pink leopard shower cap we have fun wallpaper everywhere for you to take selfies and post them on Instagram and take your Tik Tok reels we tried to really think of it all,” says Boone.

They even have extra features to make guests feel special.

“We do little things to welcome you you feel welcome when you feel like we’re excited to have you here and we do that with all of our guests,” says Frisco.

“When you come here we want you to have a really good time and lots of cocktails, so when you go outside we have a little herb garden out back so there’s some mojito mint, or a little rosemary for your bourbon we also have some orange mint, in case you want to make a strawberry margarita,” says Boone.

“We also offer add ons so if it’s your bachelorette party and you contact us and your coming out of town for a bachelorette party we’re like what can we do to help? You want balloons on the beds when you arrive? You want your glasses set up on the counter you want that? Done. We do it for you,” says Frisco.

And even feel a little “boujee” aka…high class.

“We hope they feel very VIP we hope that they had great memories and we hope that they were able to fill up their Instagram full of boujee fun,” says Boone.

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Pinky’s cottage is located at 3164 E Pleasant Valley Blvd in Altoona (Bellwood) right off of I-99.
To book your stay, click here.