Studio 814’s Rebecca Petner and Morgan Koziar host an ice cream party in the 814 Kitchen with some of the great local creameries along the PA Ice Cream Trail.

This summer, all the way up until September 10, 2022 residents of Pennsylvania can get a sweet treat by visiting any of the many creameries that make up the fifth annual ice cream trail. This year’s Ice Cream Trail runs across the state, combining three geographic trails of years past into one delicious experience. You can even earn a special stainless-steel ice cream scooper for completing 10 check-ins on the trail. Simply stop in at 10 shops, make your purchase, and receive a four-digit code to “check-in.”

Ritchey’s Dairy has been making ice cream for 75 years in Martinsburg, PA. Manager, Tammy Decker chats all about Ritchey’s Dairy’s history, how they make their ice cream, summer specials, and their custom ice cream cakes.

Stock’s Dairy Delight, also located in Martinsburg is known for its yummy ice cream, homemade apple dumplings, pies, and more. They are just one of the great local stops along the PA Ice Cream Trail! Assistant Managers Kayla and Olivia Dodson share some of the favorites at the creamery!

Another awesome creamery in the 814 is Vale Wood Farms in Loretto. Carissa Itle Westrick, Director of Business Development and Sophie share some of their staple flavors like birthday cake but also some unique delicious sweet treats like chocolate avocado and chocolate chili.

Enjoy every moment of summer, making yummy memories along the Pennsylvania Ice Cream Trail!