As a little girl, Trisha Ridinger McKee would hide in her room amidst the chaos and create stories to escape the darkness around her. That was her first experience as a writer. Now she is a published author of 8 books and over 150 short stories. She grew up in Tipton, Pa., and has lived in Roaring Spring, Pa. for the past 16-years.

In April 2019, McKee stepped out of her comfort zone to start writing her first book. Her debut novel Beyond the Surface was nominated Best Romance of 2020 by SavvyAuthors.

McKee’s novel Christmas Bump was a Featured New Release on Bookbub. Now she’s chatting with Studio 814’s Rebecca Petner about her latest book “The Last Time We Met.”

The Last Time We Met book description:

As a member of the richest family in town, Willow understands the importance of reputation. Her stern grandmother has taught her that family secrets are to be buried, and as the most popular girl in school, Willow follows that lesson with a smile covering up the darkness.

But when Walden, the new guy from the wrong side of town comes to her school, Willow finds her image slipping and the secrets of her homelife in danger of being exposed. As a scandal tears the couple apart and throws Willow into a new, unfamiliar life, she must choose between saving Walden’s future or risking it all for love.

If you’d like to meet local author Trisha Ridinger McKee, stop by Harvestfest at Delgrosso’s from 11 AM to 8 PM on September 24th and 25th, 2022.