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Patients who seek treatment from Lemme Audiology can count on finding a reason to love their Audiologist and trust in them. The truth is hearing is often second nature to many, meaning it doesn’t always get the attention that’s needed. Lemme Audiology Associates take the time to educate patients about hearing, hearing loss, and how hearing loss impacts daily life.

Studio 814’s Rebecca Petner chats with Dr. Lemme about the latest advancement in hearing technology such as the Phonak Audeo Life. It is a waterproof hearing aid that is “life proof.” These aids have a robust new housing design that protects against freshwater, pool water, salt water, sweat, dust, and dirt.

The Phonak Audeo Life is a sophisticated technology that allows for improved hearing and speech understanding in quiet and noisy environments. They also provide the most universal connectivity to both Android and Apple devices of any hearing aid in the market.

At Lemme Audiology, audiologists will listen to your concerns, questions, and challenges to make sure that your treatment plan is the perfect fit! From hearing aid services to tinnitus, to balance issues, we will find the right solutions for your individual situation together so that you can keep doing the things you love.  

Patients who were excited about these new hearing aids:

A young mother who wanted to get in the pool with her young boys without fear of being splashed and who required the aids to be aware of what was happening around her.

An electrician found himself in tight spaces with no air conditioning and a lot of dust and dirt. These circumstances affected his old hearing aids and created intermittent issues and more frequently needed repairs.

If you schedule a hearing evaluation by August 15, 2022, Lemme Audiology is offering a 60-day money-back guarantee to allow you to try Phonak Life today!