Sponsored by JustJak’s Pet Market

Michael Mastalski owner of JustJak’s Pet Market in Altoona, Pa. stops by Studio 814 to talk summer safety for your furry friends.

Mastalski says to be mindful of heat exposure, including the temperature inside vehicles, pavement temperatures for their paws (they have booties to protect your doggo’s precious paw pads!), and even sunblock for pets. Don’t forget to provide ample water to keep your pet hydrated. Mastalski also chats about Natural Outdoor Pest Protection options for both humans and pets that he offers at JustJak’s.

And with July 4th on Monday, Mastalski says there are many things we need to be aware of to keep our pets safe during the fireworks! JustJak’s wants all members of the family to have an enjoyable holiday.

Make sure your dog has some form of identification! If your pet is chipped, that’s great but you have to make sure the chip is active. It’s a service so make sure you’re up to date! Additionally, if your pet is afraid and anxious during the fireworks, JustJak’s has a variety of calming options including both CBD and Non-CBD options. They carry CBD-infused peanut butter and CBD-infused water. Don’t hesitate to contact Mike at JustJak’s to find the right suggestions for your furry friends!

Visit JustJak’s today! All pets are welcome in the store too!