IV Drip Infusion Spa comes to State College

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STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (WTAJ) — IV Infusion Spas are a new health trend that many health conscious cities adopt. Now, State College is home to an all new IV Drip Spa called “Agua Vivir.”

“Agua Vivir is an IV hydration and fusion business so it really started um because of everything that was coming out of COVID-19 — people started to take better care of themselves,” says CEO, Gregory Wolf.

The spa offers 10 different drips to fit anyone’s need to help them get back on track. “It’s an easy fast certain certain procedure to get the needed vitamins and minerals and amino acids into your system,” says Wolf. Each IV Drip session takes about 30-45 minutes depending on the person and the body type that you have – but it can help you replenish plenty of those vitamins and minerals from maybe partying too hard last night, getting that tough workout in or maybe just a need for some energy.

“We’re trying to support people throughout their wellness journey so it’s not sort of a one off thing a lot of people will come in you know every 3-4 weeks uh because it makes such a difference such an impact on their well being,” says Wolf.

Some people might be nervous about getting the needle into their arms, but Greg says everyone at Agua Vivir is in good hands, “first of all it’s pretty painless um so all of our clinical staff are all registered nurses or nurse practitioners and they’re very good at what they do.”

While you’re getting your treatment you can relax in the lounge area and even enjoy a healthy cocktail. “It’s very non clinical in that regard people are offered a alcohol free cocktail to go along with the drink that they’re getting. They’re in markets where people tend to be out and active and energetic and more in tune to their body and taking care of themselves for a place like State College,” says Wolf.

Agua Vivir is located at 538 E College Ave #3 in State College. You can learn more about booking an appointment by calling (814) 753-4265 or visiting their website.

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