TIPTON, Pa. (WTAJ) — If you’re looking for an opportunity to help your organization raise money, Marianna’s Fundraisers is here to help!

Marianna’s Fundraisers has a variety of fresh pizzas and hoagies that your organization can sell.

Sales manager, Juls Bratton joined Rebecca in the 814 Kitchen to show how you can elevate any Marianna’s hoagie by popping it into the oven — giving it a warm, melted, savory sandwhich with a light crunch!

Marianna’s pizzas and hoagies are a great way to create a quick and easy lunch or dinner. “You want to heat it at 400° degrees from anywhere between 8-12 minutes. It’s up to you,” says Bratton. Even if you don’t want to eat them right away, the hoagies will keep well in the fridge, and the pizzas can be frozen.

The unique thing about Marianna’s hoagies is that they taste very fresh and are never soggy. That’s because all of the toppings are individually wrapped for you to add on yourself. “All of our vegetables are vacuum sealed, so you just peel back and you can add whatever you would like,” says Bratton. This is also great for picky eaters, or people who pick off certain toppings on their sandwiches. “All of our items are made fresh. They’re made the same day of your delivery,” says Bratton.

And no matter the organization, Marianna’s Fundraisers has a variety of options available when it comes to their pizzas and subs. “We are known for having the largest hoagie (14”) in the fundraising arena for fresh food. We have nine different varieties, we have three pizzas, and they’re color coordinated so they’re easy to sort for the groups,” says Bratton.

If you’re considering using Marianna’s Fundraisers to make earn some money for your organization but you still aren’t convinced – you can try before you buy. “We’ll come and bring free product and let your group sample it before you even set up a sale, so you actually get to see the product you’re selling.”

Marianna’s Fundraisers is available in three different states, Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia. “We cover a 2½ hr radius from Tipton,” says Bratton.

The process to sign up your organization is pretty simple. “Non-profits, schools, any group, if they want to raise money, all they have to do is reach out to us,” says Bratton.

To learn more details about Marianna’s Fundraisers visit their website.

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